Project Management

There is no such thing as a project that is implemented without pitfalls. The best Project Managers are those that have navigated their way around and sometimes through those pitfalls. Our seasoned pitfall navigators will tirelessly work to bring your project in on time and within budget while assuring value to the bottom line.

The IT Liaison
Too often Project Managers are brought in that are great at scheduling, task allocation, and budgeting, but really are not versed on the ins and outs of software development. ConCam prides itself on assimilation with the business and IT communities of our clients and coordinating the efforts of both groups for a successful project.

Scrum Master
The flexible, holistic style of Agile is becoming increasingly prevalent in software development and the Scrum framework for executing it smoothly is just as popular. ConCam is experienced in successfully managing Sprints and Daily Scrums of this methodology to get to the project finish line.

Outsource Management
Using ConCam for your outsourcing needs is the preferred road to success, but if you’re contracting offshore developers and are struggling with time zone and communication barriers or even onshore and you just need a second opinion, ConCam can help. We specialize in assimilation and liaising between business and IT shops. We will take the needs of your business and translate them to geek speak in the form of clear use cases, architecture designs, other requirements artifacts.


Earned Value Management
There is more than one way to skin the EVM cat and manage the three axes of a successful project of Scope, Schedule, and Cost. ConCam can implement your chosen EVM tool or incorporate its own Agile EVM tool that utilizes a User Story Point system for planning and tracking project deliverables.

Team cohesiveness and communication are a vital piece to any successful project. ConCam has instituted an array of software platforms to facilitate the tracking of requirement discussions, task allocation, and issue tracking. We have used Jive, Team, Fogbugz, DotNetNuke, and customized Microsoft Sharepoint sites to harness the power of technology to promote a successful project.

Implementation and Training
Seldom do you see the right attention being given to the implementation phase of a software development project. All the focus of the budget and resources is given to the actual development, and the smooth transition of onboarding users to the new system is on the back burner. ConCam will bring the implementation phase to the forefront by creating strategies that involve top notch training, standard operating procedures, and work instruction design.