About Us

ConCam’s vision is to set new bars of success for our clients by permeating all aspects of their organizational needs through innovation, assimilation, relentless effort, and integrity. Our mission is achieving harmonized excellence in problem solving at an affordable, value-adding cost.

Brief History

A three-month “handshake contract” 1,343 miles (about 2161.0 km) away in the heat of Houston, TX, was the only incentive that founder Andrew Decker needed to step onto the entrepreneurial landscape that is the American Dream of business ownership. Based in Morgantown, WV, ConCam’s instilled passion to cultivate business and a genuine drive to help clients succeed propelled it to sustained growth in each year since its inception in 2007.

Get Your Place

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Rural Outsourcing

“Offshoring” and companies sending jobs overseas is a way of life in today’s business arena. While these services can and do serve a valuable purpose in certain situations, ConCam is here to offer an alternative called Rural Outsourcing. In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, there is a West Virginia workforce primed for utilization on your IT projects. They are affordable and come engrained with values and a work ethic deep-rooted in their mountaineer heritage.