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ConCam utilizes an internally developed methodology for executing on projects called F.U.S.E. ™ to Forumlate a plan, Undertake action, Synchronize the solution and Enable our clients. The F.U.S.E. ™ revolution along with the ConCam stalwarts of Passion, Dedication, Value, and Innovation have forged a winning combination.


Listening is a lost art. During Formulation we will utilize this art in our discovery meetings. We will take time to assimilate to your team, learn your needs and Formulate a mutually agreed upon plan for undertaking your Project. Example deliverables during this phase will be High Level Success Criteria, Work Breakdown Structure, Schedule, Product Backlog, and Risk Analysis. For Software Development projects, ConCam utilizes a proprietary User Story Scoring System to identify requirements and estimate delivery timetables for those requirements.


Once Formulation is complete, our engineers are known for a no holds barred attitude toward executing that plan on time and within budget. ConCam constantly reviews High Level Success Criteria and Risk Analysis to track the progress of the project. For Development efforts, we normally choose our modified version of the Agile Scrum methodology, but we have adapted to other development models such as Waterfall or Spiral Development in the past.


ConCam strives to fuse our capabilities to our client's team and subsequently for the code artifacts produced to become one with the destination system. In this manner, we will take great strives to use client coding techniques and practices gathered during Formulate phase to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the existing system. In the Synchronize phase, we will:


The sole purpose of any engagement is to enable our clients to streamline development, simplify maintenance, and smoothly transition users to the new system. The Enable portion of the F.U.S.E.methodology is not a phase but more of an ongoing mindset and common thread instilled throughout the entire Project. At all phases of the engagement ConCam will continue to:

 Road to Success

ConCam Road to Success : Passion
The first turn to success in any venture is loving what you do. Monday mornings are easy when your job is your passion.
ConCam Road to Success : Dedication
Passion drives you to the second waypoint: dedication. A tireless work ethic is essential to project success
ConCam Road to Success : Innovation
Passion and dedication are easy when your solutions are on the innovation super highway
ConCam Road to Success : Value
Your destination is success and the final turn is at value. We don't do it unless it adds value to our client.

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